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Amazon, what’s next?

From L'Express | Published in Art and Culture - 18 August 2014

The battle of US authors and publishers against the online retailer Amazon may seem minor – in terms of the current world economic and geopolitical issues at stake – and far removed from the thoughts of all of us – because it seems to concern only the distribution of revenue sales from digital book sales in the USA.

Doing away with Queuillism

From | Published in Geopolitics - 11 August 2014

Henri Queuille was not a politician with a poor record. Medical doctor, deputy for the Corrèze Department, resistance fighter and anti-Gaullist, served five times as Minister, especially as Minister of Agriculture, under the Third Republic and four times as President of the Council under the Fourth Republic, very popular figure, founder of Crédit Agricole and...

Long live the West!

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 4 August 2014

It is particularly easy, at the beginning of August 2014, to be pessimistic about the future of the West.

A very strange summer

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 28 July 2014

While planes disappear, explode or fall one after the other, around the world, without explanation (there is still no information regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to Beijing...

The Somalization of the skies

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 21 July 2014

The appalling tragedy that just occurred in Ukraine’s airspace leads us to reflect on the multiple dimensions of the future of the world...

The last chance for Israel and Palestine

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 14 July 2014

Once again, a conflict breaks out between Israel and one of its neighbors; this time, as in 2008, against Hamas, which still governs Gaza...