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Some good news, by the way

From L'Express | Published in Social - 27 October 2014

As we follow the French political debate, the country seems to be in a desperate situation...

Rational altruism against Ebola

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 20 October 2014

It may seem surprising that there has been a deluge of international press coverage of the recent outbreak of Ebolavirus...

Something is going to happen

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 13 October 2014

One must be in denial, like all too many political leaders have been, not to see that something major is going to happen in Europe, in the coming months...

No longer expect anything from anyone

From L'Express | Published in Macro Economy - 6 October 2014

I had set the date here for October 02 because, at that date, France’s 2015 budget was to be disclosed, and the bulk of the proposed reform measures necessary to ensure the country’s recovery were to be initiated.

The march of ridicule

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 29 September 2014

Faced with images painted by countless media stories, there are several choices, including admiration, enthusiasm, indifference, consternation, indignation, anger and laughter.

The crisis, alibi of the weak, energy of the strong

From L'Express | Published in Macro Economy - 22 September 2014

When I hear a former President of the French Republic dare say, and have his lieutenants explain away, that only a major economic crisis made it impossible for him to achieve the reforms he was planning, I cannot help but to be very angry.