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Geopolitics of humiliation

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 15 September 2014

In relationships between people, as well as nations, humiliation can lead to senseless acts, inextinguishable wars...

See you on 2 October

From L'Express | Published in Geopolitics - 8 September 2014

For all those who might have an interest in the future of France, I invite you to join me here, on October 2...

Who wants to practice politics?

From L'Express | Published in Sociology - 1 September 2014

As everybody knows, the French Parliament has too many civil servants and not enough private-sector workers...


From L'Express | Published in Sociology - 25 August 2014

The tide of the battle that is being played out for nearly two centuries between the economy and politics, between market forces and democracy, between capitalism and the state, is now turning in favor of the market, because it is global, to the detriment of democracy, locked within borders...

Amazon, what’s next?

From L'Express | Published in Art and Culture - 18 August 2014

The battle of US authors and publishers against the online retailer Amazon may seem minor – in terms of the current world economic and geopolitical issues at stake – and far removed from the thoughts of all of us – because it seems to concern only the distribution of revenue sales from digital book sales in the USA.

Doing away with Queuillism

From | Published in Geopolitics - 11 August 2014

Henri Queuille was not a politician with a poor record. Medical doctor, deputy for the Corrèze Department, resistance fighter and anti-Gaullist, served five times as Minister, especially as Minister of Agriculture, under the Third Republic and four times as President of the Council under the Fourth Republic, very popular figure, founder of Crédit Agricole and...